QAR-RM reference materials packaged in +50 gram bottles are produced by Quality Assurance Resources, LLC for use as Reference Materials in the Analysis of Coal.

Homogeneity is verified in accordance with accepted IUPAC principles through the analysis of a random selection of bottled material.

Assigned values and uncertainties for these materials are confirmed and validated by distributing the materials through the Quality Associates International, LTD (Canada) Proficiency Testing Program (CANSPEX-TM) which includes 132 coal testing laboratories from around the world.

The QAR-RM Sample provides a range of values and test limits for Ash, Volatile, BTU, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Sulfur Forms, Chlorine, Fluorine, Mercury, Selenium, and FSI.

The composition of coal samples changes with time through a variety of complex oxidation routes. To minimize changes in composition, QAR uses amber bottles with integral sealing and shrink seals on the caps.

QAR selects coals which demonstrate stability within the shelf lifespecified in the applicable product certifications.

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Part No.: QAR-RM-1
Lot No.: 07331 
Rank: High Volatile C Bituminous Coal
Illinois USA
QAR-RM-1 Product Certification

Part No.: QAR-RM-2
Lot No.: 11154
Rank: Medium Volatile Bituminous Coal
BC Canada
QAR-RM-2 Product Certification

Part No.: QAR-RM-3
Lot No.: 09176 
Rank: Low Volatile Bituminous Coal
Alberta Canada
QAR-RM-3 Product Certification

Part No.: QAR-RM-4
Lot No.: 09112 
Rank: High Volatile C Bituminous Coal
Alberta Canada
QAR-RM-4 Product Certification

Part No.: QAR-RM-5
Lot No.: 10060 
Rank: High Volatile C Bituminous Coal
Colorado USA
QAR-RM-5 Product Certification

Part No.: QAR-RM-6
Lot No.: 10076 
Rank: High Volatile C Bituminous
Ohio USA
QAR-RM-6 Product Certification

Part No.: QAR-RM-7
Lot No.: 10182 
Rank: High Volatile C Bituminous Coal
West Virginia USA
QAR-RM-7 Product Certification

Part No.: QAR-RM-8
Lot No.: 12185 
Rank: High Volatile A Bituminous Coal
QAR-RM-8 Product Certification

Part No.: QAR-RM-9a
Lot No.: 11060 
Rank: High Volatile A Bituminous Coal
Pennsylvania USA
QAR-RM-9a Product Certification

Part No.: QAR-RM-10
Lot No.: 13158 
Rank: Anthracite an Coal
QAR-RM-10 Product Certification

Part No.: QAR-RM-11
Lot No.: 10182
Rank: Anthracite an Coal
QAR-RM-11 Product Certification